Department of Clinical Sciences

The Department of Clinical Sciences in Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine is largely composed of residency trained veterinarians who are board certified in a clinical specialty. The department endeavors to balance its threefold missions of teaching, service and research.

  • Faculty are dedicated to excellence in teaching and contribute to classroom and laboratory teaching throughout the curriculum.
  • Substantial effort is provided towards clinical training of DVM professional students, interns and residents through faculty's professional service in the Cornell University Hospital for Animals (CUHA).
  • Both clinical and basic research are highly valued and faculty strive to enhance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal disease, promote animal health and productivity, and take advantage of our unique access to naturally-occurring clinical disease in order to explore mechanisms of fundamental importance to biomedical science.

Congratulations To:

Welcome New Faculty:

  • Dr. Ariana Boltax, Instructor, Educational Support Services
  • Dr. Michelle Moyal, Lecturer, Section of Primary Care Surgery
  • Dr. Jorge Colon, Senior Lecturer, Educational Support Services / Center for Veterinary Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Dr. Meredith Henry, joint appointment Instructor, Shelter MedicineĀ 
  • Dr. Cristina de Miguel Garcia, Clinical Fellow, Section of Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Gil Ben-Shlomo, Associate Professor, Section of Ophthalmology
  • Dr. Parminder Basran, Senior Research Associate, Section of Oncology