BBS PhD Program

BBS Faculty EARS

Graduate students in BBS can speak to any member of the EARS faculty about difficulties they are facing in graduate school.  The intent is to create a safe and confidential listening space where students can discuss their concerns.  All EARS faculty were nominated by students, and have gone through basic training with the Cornell EARS program.  

Students wishing to talk to a BBS faculty EARS member can contact any of the faculty listed and meet with them at their convenience.  Faculty participants will rotate each year.  

We hope this program will help support BBS students, and we look forward to hearing about your concerns!

-BBS Faculty EARS Program

2022-23 BBS EARS Faculty

Pic of Cynthia LeiferCynthia Leifer 

Specialty: Navigating the PI Relationship

Dr. Leifer is a professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. She is available to help navigate interactions with your PI. She is first-generation college graduate of University of Maryland College Park and understands many challenges of today’s students. During her graduate studies at Weill Cornell Graduate School she chose to switch labs in her third year, after her A exam, because of interactions with her mentor. Despite those hurdles, she discovered a love for all things Immunology. At Cornell she maintains an active innate immunity research lab, teaches in the undergraduate, graduate, and veterinary curriculum where she co-directs Foundation Course IV. She co-directs the PACE and Rising Star Programs and the Cornell NIH FIRST faculty development core. These programs are dedicated to increasing diversity in the biomedical workforce. She also has training in culturally aware mentoring to support our increasingly diverse graduate student body. When not working she enjoys exercising, hiking, and reading books. She is also very active in vaccine advocacy and science communication. She is a co-host of the podcast Immune.

To schedule a meeting with Cynthia:

Pic of Maurine LinderMaurine Linder

Specialty: Navigating the PI Relationship

Working with graduate students has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my career. I have mentored PhD students in my lab at Cornell (since 2009) and before that at Washington University in St. Louis.  I was active in student advising as the director of the Molecular Cell Biology program at Wash University and for several years as DGS for the (now retired) field of pharmacology at Cornell. I’m happy to meet with students and “listen” on a variety of topics, including interactions with your PI.  

To schedule a meeting with Maurine: 

Pic of Praveen SethupathyPraveen Sethupathy

Specialty: Time Management

I am a mentor, a teacher, a lab PI, and a university center director.  As an educator in academia, I believe that mentoring is a solemn responsibility that deserves my time, energy, and dedication.  I am passionate about helping students grow not only as scientists but as whole individuals.  It is my goal to help students along on a trajectory toward the best version of themselves.  My office has always been open to students, in my own lab and beyond, to share and discuss about diverse topics that are pertinent to life as a scientist: project management, time management, work/home balance, research expectations, science communication, diversity and inclusion in STEM, etc.  I have given these topics a lot of thought over the years, but I have not in any sense "arrived".  As my own responsibilities and commitments expand and diversify, I am regularly challenged to re-visit these topics, reflect on what I have learned, and continue to grow.  To this day, I am sometimes not sure how to balance all of my commitments, where I can make the most difference, or even if I belong in this setting at all (imposter syndrome is real!).  I am committed to providing a safe space where students can share their questions, concerns, or ideas.  I am always happy to offer a listening ear and also to share my own thoughts and reflections if helpful.  

To schedule a meeting with Praveen:

Pic of Paul SolowayPaul Soloway

Specialty: Lab Dynamics

Paul earned a BA in Biochemistry at Cornell, a PhD in Molecular Genetics from Princeton and did post-doctoral studies at MIT and the Whitehead Institute.  He worked as a Research Scientist at Roswell Park Cancer Institute for eight years before joining the Cornell University faculty in 2002 where he is a Professor of Nutritional Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  In 2017, Paul joined the Department of Biomedical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine where he is a Professor of Molecular Genetics and Department Chair.  His lab has long-standing interests in epigenetic and chromatin regulatory mechanisms, and currently is applying single cell genomic approaches in mouse models of health and disease states.

To schedule a meeting with Paul:

Pic of Kelly HumeKelly Hume

Specialty: Lab Dynamics

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Pic of Jonathan CheethamJonathan Cheetham

Specialty: Clinical Research, Career Paths

Dr. Jonathan Cheetham is on Sabbatical

Well-Being Support

Pic of Kate BuckleyKathryn Buckley

Specialty: Well-Being

Kate is the well-being program director for the CVM community.  She is no stranger to the College or the University however, having graduated with a BS in human development in 2001 and worn several hats across Cornell for over two decades - including serving as an assistant for Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists and most recently, as the CVM well-being liaison.  She has steadily worked to unite her passions for education, well-being, and relationship-building in roles ranging from personal training and coaching, to restorative talking circle facilitation, to student and employee mentorship.  In her current role, she brings awareness of and access to wellbeing resources to CVM students, faculty, staff, and house officers through curricular and co-curricular channels.  She most enjoys encouraging others to unearth and leverage their unique strengths, and build connections to enhance personal and communal wellness.  Kate is also a single mom of two young girls (and a very energetic dog), exercise enthusiast, creative chef, and terrible (but aspiring!) artist.

To schedule a meeting with Kate:

Graduate School Support

Students, faculty, and campus partners can contact Janna Lamey, senior assistant dean for graduate student life, or Angela Yantorno, Graduate Student Life Advisor, for any of the following reasons:

  • Resources for academic support

  • Assistance in navigating the educational program

  • Referrals to campus services

  • Support for personal development

  • Other concerns that are impacting student ability to succeed

To Book a Meeting with Janna or Angela: Book a meeting online

BBS Administrative Support

Arla Hourigan, Graduate Education Manager-

TBA, Graduate Education Specialist