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CornellVet Cares Community Cat Spay/Neuter Clinics

Dear CU Faculty, Staff and Students!

Do you have barn cats? Or a barn cat "problem"?  Stray cats that just showed up, but are doing well on your property?  

Thanks to a generous grant from Dr. Hollis Erb, Maddie's Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell will once again be offering free spay/neuter services to intact community and outdoor cats through our CornellVet CARES Community Cat Spay/Neuter Clinics through November of 2020!

To find about more about these clinics and to register, click here . (Note: A Cornell NetID is required to register cats for these clinics.) 


We work with animal shelters and many organizations across the United States and even in Canada. We educate and support the organizations and their staff and volunteers that work to save animal lives.  We have done outreach work in each of the communities that are marked above, either through our consultation services or outbreak response assistance, by offering Continuing Education opportunities, or through our Maddie's® Shelter Lab, offering subsidized diagnostic services to animal shelters in partnership with the AHDC. We also continue our work with the students at the Cornell Vet School to train well educated and confident veterinarians by offering classes, clinical rotation opportunities, and supporting the student-run Shelter Medicine Club. You can find more detailed descriptions of our outreach work in the sections below. 

Consultation Services

Outbreak Response Assistance

Continuing Education 

Maddie's® Shelter Lab

Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell

2017 Program Highlights

Direct animal care

1820 dogs, cats, birds, and small mammals at SPCA of Tompkins county were directly treated by the MSMP program, including victims of neglect and cruelty as well as stray animals and those surrendered by their owners

1350 surgeries were performed on shelter animals by MSMP staff and students


456 shelter veterinarians, staff and volunteers participated in the 14th annual ASPCA Cornell Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Conference hosted on the Cornell campus

2 shelter medicine interns, Drs. Lisa Rodriguez and Allison Clarke, completed their year-long intensive shelter medicine training in July 2017 and joined the Animal Defense League of Texas and the Arizona Animal Welfare League, respectively

2 shelter medicine interns, Drs. Megan Stapleton and Meagan Wentworth, began their year of training at Cornell in June 2017.

4 shelter veterinarians began their year-long Shelter Medicine Fellowship Training in August 2017

8 shelters participated in monthly, on-campus CNY Shelter Forums facilitated by MSMP veterinarians

74 student members of the Shelter Medicine Club participated in weekend clinics, weekly case rounds, and fundraisers for local shelters

116 veterinary students trained through courses in Companion Animal Welfare, Introduction to Shelter Medicine and Advanced Shelter Medicine

24 veterinary students trained though the program’s 2-week Clinical Rotation in Shelter Medicine


85 shelters served through the MSMP consultation hotline and email service for remote assistance

12 shelters received extensive, on-site targeted consultations from MSMP faculty, staff, and students

33 shelters participated in the subsidized diagnostic testing offerings of the Maddie’s® Shelter Lab at the AHDC to improve their care for sick animals in their shelters

Other Outreach Events

2 MSMP staff participated in the Cornell Stance Against Domestic Violence Community Gathering during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

4 MSMP veterinarians participated in the bi-monthly Southside Healthy Pet Clinics run by students in the Ithaca community for low income pet owners