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Call for Abstracts: Guidelines for Submission

The following guidelines are provided for submitting your abstract and other required material for Clinical Investigators' Day oral presentations on Friday, March 15, 2024.

Eligibility: Interns, residents and research fellows from the following units are eligible to submit abstracts:

  • Department of Clinical Sciences
  • Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences
  • Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
  • Ambulatory and Production Medicine
  • Cornell University Hospital for Animals
  • Shelter Medicine
  • Center for Animal Resources and Education
  • Masters of Public Health and other student trainees are welcome to submit an abstract, but are not guaranteed an oral presentation.



Abstract Requirements

  • Applicants should discuss the preparation of their abstract with their mentors well in advance of the submission deadline.
  • Applicants must submit the abstract and their biosketch by the due date, otherwise the abstract will not be considered for inclusion (the abstract alone is insufficient).
    • Please see below for submission instructions.
  • Abstracts can be for a research proposal or a research study. Separate templates are provided for each of these abstracts (see Important Dates section in right hand column for links to these templates). These templates must be used for the abstracts.
    • A sample research study abstract is provided in the Important Dates section.
  • Research Proposal: Residents new to their department have an opportunity to present a planned research project.
    • Abstracts should include pertinent literature review, rationale for the study, hypothesis, scientific design, and expected outcomes of the study.
    • Preliminary data is not a requirement.
    • Only first and second year residents are eligible to submit an abstract in this category.
  • Research Study:  This is for projects that are already underway or are completed. Preliminary or complete results must be provided.
    • Single case reports are not permitted.
    • A series of more than 3 cases highlighting novel or unusual presentations will be accepted.
    • Abstracts should include an introduction outlining the background to the work, a brief description of methods, followed by results and a discussion section.
  • Applicants may submit one abstract per person to present - pick your most interesting work.
  • All abstracts will be pre-screened by the selection committee for inclusion in the program.  The organizing committee will do their best to structure the program such that all interns/residents/fellows have an opportunity to present. However, depending on the number and quality of abstracts, a slot for oral presentation cannot be guaranteed.
    • If the number of submitted abstracts is high, abstracts from residents in the second or third years of their program will be given priority for inclusion in the program.  Similarly, preferences will be given to projects in more advanced stages or to higher quality abstracts.
  • A review and critique of the abstract will be provided by members of the organizing committee to help with future submissions. However, you cannot resubmit a revised abstract for inclusion in the Program (your original one will be used). We recommend that you provide your mentor(s) with a copy of the review for discussion.

Submitting Abstracts

  • Use the Microsoft Word Abstract Template.  Separate templates are available for a research proposal and a research study (see right-hand column).
    • Insert the document as an attachment to the email.
    • Use the Sample Research Study Abstract for guidance (see right-hand column).
  • The abstract and the following must be emailed to Doug Fink.
    • Abstract (required attachment)
      • Make sure you use the right template.  If submitting a research proposal, include the word "proposal" in the subject line.
    • Biosketch (required attachment)
    • Personal Photo (optional attachment)
      1. Your CUHA arrival photo will accompany your abstract in a booklet of the day's events.
      2. If you wish to use a photo different than your CUHA photo, please submit an attachment containing the image to accompany the final abstract.
      3. Photographs may be in the jpg or gif format or inserted in a Microsoft Word document.

Oral Presentations

  • Oral presentations will take place in person in LH3 on Friday, March 15, 2024.
  • Each presentation will be limited to a maximum time duration.  Depending on the number of abstracts to be presented, it is anticipated that presentations will be 10-15 minutes; 10-12 minutes for presentations and 2-5 minutes for questions and answers.
  • Awards will be granted in the following categories:
    • Best overall research study presentation
    • Best research study scientific content
    • Best presentation style
    • Best research proposal (available to 1st and 2nd year residents)