Stem Cell Biology

Our faculty and their research areas
Faculty Research Area(s)
Pic of Jonathan Butcher
Jonathan Butcher

Mechanobiology of development; developmental signaling reactivation in adult cardiovascular diseases; tissue engineering and regeneration - lab

Pic of Jonathan Cheetham
Jonathan Cheetham

Regenerative medicine; peripheral nerve injury and repair; laryngeal function - lab
Pic of Soon Hon Cheong
Soon Hon Cheong
Postpartum ovarian and uterine health; epidemiology; regenerative medicine; microfluidics and assisted reproductive techniques - lab
Pic of Scott Coonrod
Scott Coonrod
Reproductive physiology; molecular and cellular physiology; epigenetic reprogramming during the egg-to-embryo transition; mechanisms by which specific histone modifications are dynamically regulated during hormone-dependent gene transcription in breast cancer cells

Pic of Michelle Delco
Michelle Delco

Investigating mitochondria as a link between cartilage trauma and osteoarthritis to understand how joint injury leads to arthritis in horses and humans
Pic of Claudia Fischbach-Teschl
Claudia Fischbach-Teschl
Tissue-engineered model systems for analysis of microenvironmental conditions fundamental to cancer pathogenesis and therapy - lab
Pic of Lisa Fortier
Lisa Fortier
Osteoarthritis and the link between insulin-like growth factor-I and the small G-proteins, Cdc42, Rac, and Rho - lab
Pic of Kei Hayashi
Kei Hayashi
Areas of research focus on pathology of ligament/tendon injury and wound healthing, evaluation of total joint replacement systems, molecular profiling of osteoarthritis, and comparative orthopedics and sports medicine
Pic of Michael I. Kotlikoff
Michael I. Kotlikoff
Muscle biology; mouse genetics; molecular imaging; ion channels; physiological genomics; cellular signaling; genetic cell sensors; conditional gene targeting - lab
Pic of Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller

Anatomic pathology; small and large animal neuropathology; CNS tumorigenesis; disease diagnostics; stem cell pathology - lab

Pic of Budhan Pukazhenthi
Budhan Pukazhenthi

Comparative reproductive biology; assisted reproductive technologies; wildlife conservation

Faculty member located at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute- works with Smithsonian Joint Graduate Training Program students 

Pic of Praveen Sethupathy
Praveen Sethupathy

Functional genomics; gene regulation; molecular genetics; gastrointestinal physiology; stem cell biology; metabolic disease - lab

Pic of Vimal Selvaraj
Vimal Selvaraj
Pluripotency and stem cells; regenerative medicine; animal biotechnology; technologies for wildlife conservation - lab
Pic of Paul Soloway
Paul Soloway
Epigenetic regulatory mechanisms in mammals; Chromatin changes associated with neuropathy using single cell analyses - lab
Pic of Alexander J. Travis
Alexander J. Travis
Comparative biology of male germ cells; signaling and metabolism of sperm during capacitation; organization of lipid raft membrane sub-domains in sperm; applications of technologies using reproductive stem cells for wildlife conservation - lab
Pic of Andrew Yen
Andrew Yen
Leukemia; cell growth and differentiation; oncogenes/genetics - lab