BBS PhD Program

Infection and Immunity


Faculty Research Area(s)
Pic of Hector Aguilar-Carreno
Hector Aguilar-Carreno

Entry, egress, and interactions of enveloped viruses with host cells, with emphasis on emerging paramyxoviruses, vaccine and antiviral strategies - lab

Pic of Craig Altier
Craig Altier
Infection/agent; molecular basis of Salmonella pathogenesis; the genetic and environmental control of epithelial cell invasion
Pic of Douglas Antczak
Douglas Antczak
Immunity/host; pregnancy immunology; immunogenetics; equine immunology
Pic of Avery August
Avery August
Immunity/host; regulation of T-cell activation, development and function; T-cell differentiation; mast cell function and eosinophil function - lab
Pic of Gary Blissard
Gary Blissard
Infection/agent; understanding the biology and pathology of viral infections and interactions in insect cells - lab
Pic of Dwight Bowman
Dwight Bowman
Infection/agent; soil transmitted parasites, parasites of wildlife, visceral larva migrans, host response to soil transmitted pathogens, detection of soil transmitted parasites
Pic of Ilana Brito
Ilana Brito

Pioneering new methods to detect horizontal gene transfer in natural microbial communities to understand the rate and triggers of horizontal gene transfer; the impact of human microbiome diversity on world global health issues - lab

Pic of Nicolas Buchon
Nicolas Buchon
Host/microbe relationships and control of intestinal stem cell behavior in homeostasis and disease - lab
Pic of Sarah Caddy
Sarah Caddy
understanding the protective activity of non-neutralising antibodies; unravel the negative activities of antiviral antibodies; maternal antibodies - lab
Pic of Pamela Chang
Pamela Chang
Immunity/host; host/microbe interactions; gut microbiome - lab
Pic of Yung-Fu Chang
Yung-Fu Chang
Infection/agent; mechanisms of infection, particularly leptospira and salmonella

Pic of Soon Hon Cheong
Soon Hon Cheong

Cellular and molecular medicine; developmental and reproductive biology; infectious diseases; population medicine and epidemiology; structural and functional biology - lab
Pic of Theodore Clark
Theodore Clark
Infection/agent; cutaneous immunity; host-parasite interaction; DNA vaccines; genetic factors underlying resistance to infectious disease
Pic of Aimee Colbath
Aimee Colbath
therapeutic interventions for musculoskeletal disease including osteoarthritis, fracture repair and tendon/ligament disease
Pic of Ruth Collins
Ruth Collins
Infection/agent; pharmacology; cancer cell biology; small GTPase regulation of intracellular traffic and cellular growth control - lab

Pic of Brian Crane
Brian Crane

Protein redox chemistry; electron-transfer reactions; mechanisms of signal transduction; circadian clocks; protein photosensors; bacterial chemotaxis; receptor signaling; nitric oxide enzymology; metallobiochemistry - lab

Pic of Kevin Cummings
Kevin Cummings

Application of epidemiologic approaches to investigate the ecology and transmission of Salmonella and other foodborne pathogens among a wide variety of hosts

Susan Daniel

Dr. Daniel leads a research group of biomolecular engineers working to understand cell membrane functions and the biological processes that happen within them. Her group pioneered the use of “cell-free” biomembrane platforms for re-creating cellular processes on chip. Much of the work they do has impact in human health or advancing biotechnologies for the good of humankind.
Pic of Matthew DeLisa
Matthew DeLisa
Infection/agent; molecular biotechnology; protein biogenesis and folding pathways; protein engineering - lab

Pic of Diego Diel
Diego Diel

To understand the molecular mechanisms underlying virus-host interactions, focusing on the mechanisms underlying viral immune evasion that contribute to virus virulence and disease pathogenesis - Lab
Pic of Mariana Diel de Amorim
Diel de Amorim
equine theriogenology; equine maternal recognition of pregnancy; equine endometritis
Pic of Tobias Doerr
Tobias Doerr
Cell envelope biology of Gram-negative pathogens, antibiotic resistance, tolerance and mechanism of action; microbial stress responses - lab
Pic of Anushka Dongre
Anushka Dongre
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition as a driver of resistance to anti-tumor immunity - lab
Pic of Gerald E. Duhamel
Gerald E. Duhamel
Infection/agent; mechanisms of infectious diseases with particular emphasis on molecular mechanisms of bacterial infections in animal models of human diseases; host-pathogen relationships

Pic of Maria Julia Bevilaqua Felippe
Maria Julia Bevilaqua Felippe

Immunity/host; cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in B cell response; neonatal immunology and response to vaccination; immunomodulation using biologic response modifiers; cancer immunotherapy; characterization of primary and secondary immunodeficiencies - lab

Pic of Julia Finkelstein
Julia Finkelstein
To elucidate the role of iron, vitamin B12, and folate in the etiology of anemia and adverse pregnancy outcomes, and inform the development of interventions to improve the health of mothers and young children
Pic of Andrew FlyakAndrew Flyak human antibody response to viral pathogens; use immunologic and biochemistry assays and use structural biology techniques to “see” how antibodies bind and neutralize viral pathogens - Lab

Pic of Deborah Fowell
Deborah Fowell

Regulation of immunity at tissue sites of infection and autoimmunity, immune imaging, intravital multiphoton microscopy
Pic of Mason JagerMason Jager host-pathogen interactions with a specific emphasis on viral pathogenesis; association of novel viruses with clinical disease; use traditional pathology, molecular virology, and cell biology to study virus distribution, tissue tropism, and host factors required for disease progression
Pic of Shaoyi JiangShaoyi Jiang design and development of functional zwitterionic materials for biomedical and engineering applications
Pic of Toshi Kawate
Toshi Kawate
Structures and mechanisms of membrane proteins that regulate extracellular signaling 
Satoshi Kimura
Kimura lab focuses on translation mechanisms in bacterial pathogens.

Pic of Dr. Gary Korezky
Gary Koretzky

Aims to better understand the signal transduction events that occur following engagement of the T cell antigen receptor; study more globally the molecular events important for immune cell development, differentiation and function

Pic of Colleen LauColleen Lau NK cells adaptive features to explore immune memory in context of classic antigen-dependent and antigen-independent memory responses. Multi-omic approaches with genetic mouse models to interrogate in vivo, in vitro, and in silico to generate an immune memory program. - Lab
Pic of Brian Lazzaro
Brian Lazzaro
The evolutionary and functional genetics of insect-pathogen interactions - lab

Pic of Esak Lee
Esak Lee

The laboratory is currently focused on further advancing the novel 3D organ-on-chip systems, as well as developing both cellular and molecular tools and in vivo models, to better understand the mechanisms through which cells regulate their response to biological and mechanical cues - lab
Pic of Cynthia Leifer
Cynthia Leifer
Immunity/host; understanding innate immunity from the receptors that detect microbes to how innate immune cells react to changes in their environment during inflammatory processes - lab
Pic of Dr. Sabine Mann
Sabine Mann
Metabolic diseases and insulin signaling; nutrition; epidemiology; metabolic and nutritional immunology
Pic of Mandy McGeachyMandy McGeachy we are working to understand how Th17 cells develop and are influenced to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in their functions - lab
Pic of Saurabh Mehta
Saurabh Mehta
Global health (active research projects in India, East Africa, and Latin America); infectious disease epidemiology, particularly HIV, Tuberculosis, and neglected tropical diseases; nutritional interventions and nutritional modulation of the immune response - lab
Pic of John Parker
John Parker
Cell biology/biochemistry with a focus on cellular translation and the effect of viral infection; Virology; Feline Calicivirus; mammalian orthoreoviruses; virus-host interactions; effect of viral infection on host cell translation; use of viruses for treatment of cancer; virus entry; broadly neutralizing antibodies; innate immune response to viruses
Pic of Colin Parrish
Colin Parrish
Emergence of new viral diseases in dogs; canine influenza viruses: emergence, spread, and ways to stop the spread; how parvovirus can pass from species to species - lab

Pic of Joseph Peters

Joseph Peters
We are generally interested in genomic stability and chromosome evolution, especially how these are impacted by mobile DNA elements. We have a special interest in molecular mechanisms mobile elements capable of moving between positions in the genome called transposons use to limit damage to the host and maximize the process of horizontal transfer. 
Pic of Raina PlowrightRaina Plowright studied pathogens that spill over from animals to people, the dynamics of zoonotic pathogens in wildlife populations, and pathogens that threaten wildlife conservation
Pic of Brian Rudd
Brian Rudd
Developmental immunology; host response to infection - lab
Pic of David Russell
David Russell
Infection/agent; the biology of intracellular infection with emphasis on mycobacteria
Pic of Luis Schang
Luis Schang
Role of cellular protein, lipids, and glycans play in viral infection
Pic of Jeongmin Song
Jeongmin Song
Host-pathogen interactions; bacterial toxins; Salmonella Typhi; bacterial pathogens - lab
Pic of Brian VanderVen
Brian VanderVen
Physiology of the intracellular pathogen M. tuberculosis - lab
Pic of Gerlinde Van de Walle
Gerlinde Van de Walle
Veterinary viral pathogenesis; mesenchymal stem cell biology and regenerative medicine; mammary stem cell biology and carcinogenesis - lab
Haiyuan Yu
The Yu group performs research in the broad areas of Network Systems Biology. We use integrated computational-experimental systems biology approaches to determine protein interactions and complex structures on the scale of the whole cell. In particular, we focus on protein-protein and gene regulatory networks and seek to understand how such intricate systems evolve and how their perturbations lead to human diseases, especially autism spectrum disorder and cancer.
Pic of Bettina Wagner
Bettina Wagner
Immunity/host; antibody mediated immune mechanisms in infectious disease and vaccination; allergic diseases; neonatal tolerance and allergy predisposition; strategies to develop allergy treatments - lab
Pic of Gary R. Whittaker
Gary R. Whittaker
Pathogenesis of influenza viruses, coronaviruses and arenaviruses; host range and receptors; activation of membrane fusion; macrophage- and neuro-tropism; anti-viral therapeutics; diagnostic tests; virus-bacteria co-infections - lab
Pic of Martin Wiedmann
Martin Wiedmann
Infection/agent; molecular pathogenesis of food-borne and zoonotic bacterial diseases

Pic of Matthias WielandMatthias Wieland

Milk harvesting process; support science-based development and on-farm implementation of innovative machine technologies and milking routines; epidemiological studies that deliver data to improve profitability and sustainability


Faculty Research Area(s)
Pic of Rodman Getchell
Rodman Getchell
Molecular diagnostics and emerging diseases of fish; target animal safety studies for new aquaculture therapeutants and chemicals

Pic of Laura Goodman
Laura Goodman

Population and clinical studies; Pathogen discovery and surveillance, with focus areas on tick-borne disease and antimicrobial resistance; exploring the underlying mechanisms of infectious disease emergence and identifying biomarkers to detect and prevent emerging threats to humans and animals
Pic of Yrjo Grohn
Yrjö Gröhn
Population and clinical studies; veterinary epidemiology; production medicine; public health; epidemiological and economic methods; risk analysis, communication and policy
Pic of Renata Ivanek
Renata Ivanek
Epidemiology and ecology of infectious and foodborne diseases; mathematical modeling; spatial epidemiology; risk assessment; public health
Pic of Hussni Mohammed
Hussni Mohammed
Population and clinical studies; epidemiology of infectious diseases; quantitative and analytical epidemiology; epidemiological risk assessment and analysis; veterinary public health and food safety; production medicine
Pic of Daryl V. Nydam
Daryl V. Nydam
Population and clinical studies; epidemiology of food security/safety issues related to dairy production medicine; study of economically important infectious diseases, particularly zoonoses; subclinical diseases of peraparturient cattle and reproductive efficacy
Pic of Heidi Reesink
Heidi Reesink
Comparative and translational orthopedics; metabolism and musculoskeletal disease; osteoarthritis; regenerative medicine
Pic of Lorin Warnick
Lorin Warnick
Population and clinical studies; dairy cattle epidemiology; pre-harvest food safety; Salmonellosis in cattle; infectious disease