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Advanced Online ECC Cases for Deliberate Clinical Practice

history section of online case
Clinical Education, Interactive, Learning Module
Emergency medicine often requires the skillful collaboration of colleagues in the clinic. To help foster peer learning and interactive decision-making, ESS teamed up with CVM’s Emergency and Critical Care faculty to create a series of online clinical cases, where students work together to solve real-world problems they might encounter in practice. Each branching case incorporates procedure videos, pop quizzes with summary notes, brief reviews of pathophysiology, and links to important...

Outbreak!! A Case-Based Interactive Scenario

screen of game from day 2 in simulation
Active Learning, Interactive, Software
Controlling an outbreak requires quick decisions about disease and employee management. To help veterinary students prepare for such a scenario, ESS’s Courseware Programmer, Julie Powell, created a fully online, custom-built simulation game that allows students to play the role of veterinarian as they manage an outbreak in a shelter. As the game progresses through simulated days, students experience the challenges associated with incubation periods, symptoms, prognosis, prevention, and use of...


slide open in slide viewer with annotation
Tasked with creating an easier way for students and faculty to view, share, and annotate biological slides, ESS developed a custom-built web application called OpenSlide. OpenSlide is available to all CVM students and faculty and can be used in place of Aperio SlideViewer, which is slower, requires software to download, and only allows for individual slides to be loaded onto computers. In contrast, OpenSlide works on any browser, tablet, or...

Kidney Structure, Function, Dysfunction and Treatment

kidney detail illustration
Illustration, Interactive, Learning Module, Software
Kidney anatomy is a difficult subject for veterinary students to visualize and understand. In this series of modules created by ESS to complement Foundation Course III, students learn the scope of kidney anatomy, from the gross anatomical structures down to the microscopic features. Each module consists of interactive activities such as drag and drop, labeling, and assembling of relevant structures. Students toggle between these activities and the big picture, following...

Body Map Illustrations

bovine body map illustration
With the adoption of ezyVet, a new medical records technology, Cornell University Hospital for Animals asked ESS to create a series of clinical animal diagrams for use in this application. Over the course of several months, ESS Medical Illustrator Allie Buck designed a suite of illustrations, including general body image maps, ophthalmology charts, and internal anatomy images for the animals commonly treated at CUHA. The illustrations are available within the...

Equine Carpus Blended Learning Modules

Dr. Allison Miller with Students using AR app on ipads
Active Learning, Animation, Illustration, Interactive, Learning Module, Software
Veterinary students often struggle to understand the musculoskeletal system. The College of Veterinary Medicine’s Dr. Allison Miller specifically identified the equine carpus as one of the more difficult spaces to learn. Therefore, Dr. Miller and the ESS team worked together to provide students with an interactive experience to teach the basics of the bony anatomy, soft tissues, and radiography of the carpus. In this series, students watch videos, view pictures...

SynDaver Surgical Training Models

soft tissue surgical team with canine SynDaver surgical model on table
Active Learning, Clinical Education, Video
In 2018, the Soft Tissue Surgery section at CUHA began using SynDaver training models to teach students surgical competency. SynDaver canine models provide a realistic training experience for students to practice surgeries and receive individualized feedback on their technique. Originally led by CVM’s Dr. Galina Hayes, the use of SynDaver models was born out of a need to produce veterinarians confident in performing common abdominal procedures, such as gastrotomies, gastropexies,...