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Since the last annual report, the college saw an increase in operating revenues, with a total of roughly $175 million for fiscal year 2018. The bulk of that revenue came from our sales and service units, New York state appropriations and sponsored programs. Our expenditures have increased slightly totaling around $167 million, with our expenses focused on education, research and clinical care.

The college continues its progress in reducing the core college budget, which supports our operational costs. Since fiscal year 2016, our deficit declined 90 percent due to improvements in facilities and other savings. We anticipate further savings thanks to state-of-the-art efficiencies built into our capital expansion project.

Endowment market value

Program Support $116.4
Position Support $48.8 
Student Aid $51.3
Fiscal 2018 Endowment Market Value $216.5 million


Sponsored Programs $36.0
State Appropriations $34.8 
Sales & Service $47.1 
Tuition $23.6 
Gifts & Endowment Earnings $17.5
University Support $15.6 
Fiscal 2018 Operating Revenues $174.6 million


Hospital & Public Service $53.8
Instruction and Student Support (w/ Library & Fin. Aid) $37.6 
Organized Research $26.5
University Support Costs $30.6
College Support Costs $18.9
Fiscal 2018 Operating Expenditures $167.4 million