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Research Professionals

Adjunct Faculty

Courtesy Faculty

Visiting Faculty

  • Maureen Luschini-Karla, VMD, DACVECC, Visiting Lecturer

Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Research Staff

Postdoctoral Associates

Research Support Staff

Lab and Technical Staff


Elizabeth Lavin
Dah Ihm Kim
CARE Resident
Elizabeth Lavin
Elizabeth Lavin
CARE Resident
Elizabeth Lavin
Meryem Outouil
CARE Intern
Cornell Seal
Anna Voigt
CARE Resident


Graduate Students




Luye AnBiochemistry, Molecular & Cell BiologyAndrew White
Gerardo ArroyoBiochemistry, Molecular & Cell BiologyBob Weiss
Kimaya BakhleBiomedical and Biological SciencesAnushka Dongre
Rachel BradleyGenetics, Genomics & DevelopmentPaula Cohen
Ky'ara CarrBiochemistry, Molecular & Cell BiologyPaula Cohen
Andy Yu-Wei ChangBiomedical and Biological SciencesBob Weiss
Anthony Max ChenBiomedical and Biological SciencesBob Weiss
Saloni DhopteGenetics, Genomics & DevelopmentPaula Cohen and Charles Danko
Leanne DonahueBiomedical and Biological SciencesAndrew White
Chiamaka EzehGenetics, Genomics & DevelopmentPraveen Sethupathy and Zeribe Nwosu
Alaa FarghliGenetics, Genomics & DevelopmentPraveen Sethupathy
Brian FengGenetics, Genomics & DevelopmentAnushka Dongre
Arianna FergusonAnimal ScienceGlenn Simmons
Jingyi GaoBiomedical and Biological SciencesJohn Schimenti
Chia-Hsin HsuBiomedical and Biological SciencesAndrew White
Rui HuangBiochemistry, Molecular & Cell BiologyJohn Schimenti
Ryan JamesBiochemistry, Molecular & Cell BiologyJohn Schimenti
Liangdao LiComparative Biomedical SciencesJohn Schimenti
Michelle LiuGenetics, Genomics & DevelopmentBob Weiss
Donald LongGenetics, Genomics & DevelopmentPraveen Sethupathy
James MullmannComparative Biomedical SciencesBob Weiss
Sophie NelissenBiomedical and Biological SciencesAnushka Dongre
Sunita NepalBiomedical and Biological SciencesPraveen Sethupathy
Daryl PhuongBiochemistry, Molecular & Cell BiologyJohn Schimenti
Matalin PirtzBiomedical EngineeringAlexander Nikitin, Ben Cosgrove
Yiwen QinBiochemistry, Molecular & Cell BiologyJohn Schimenti
Coulter RalstonBiomedical EngineeringAlexander Nikitin, Ben Cosgrove
Leah SimonBiomedical and Biological SciencesPaula Cohen
Alexx ShumwayGenetics, Genomics & DevelopmentPraveen Sethupathy
Andreas StephanouGenetics, Genomics & DevelopmentPraveen Sethupathy and Iwijn De Vlaminck
Stephanie TanisGenetics, Genomics & DevelopmentPaula Cohen
Jonathon ThomallaBiochemistry, Molecular & Cell BiologyJohn Schimenti, Mariana Wolfner
Kexin TianGenetics, Genomics & DevelopmentPaula Cohen
Jenna ToderoBiochemistry, Molecular & Cell BiologyPraveen Sethupathy
Destiny VanBiochemistry, Molecular & Cell BiologyWeiss Lab
Anna WoodGenetics, Genomics & DevelopmentPaula Cohen
Jenna WardBiomedical and Biological SciencesMandi de Mestre

Administrative Staff

Jane Lee, Administrative Manager