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Tenure-Track Faculty

Research Professionals

Teaching Faculty

Clinical Faculty

Adjunct Faculty


Retired Faculty

Research Staff

Postdoctoral Associates

Research Support Staff

Lab and Technical Staff


Cristy Rocio Gonzalez-

Anatomic Pathology Resident

Joao Cavasin 
The Dr. Robert M. Lewis and
Sandra S. Lewis Anatomic
Pathology Resident

Esther Crouch
Anatomic Pathology Resident

Elena Demeter
Sr. Anatomic Pathology Resident

Erica Feldman
CARE Resident
Rachel Labitt
Rachel Labitt
CARE Resident

Zoe Mack
Anatomic Pathology Resident

Jacqueline Marinoff
Anatomic Pathology Resident
Ileana Miranda
Ileana Miranda
Anatomic Pathology Resident
Williams Shane Sills
William Shane Sills
Anatomic Pathology Resident

Nicholas Vetter
Anatomic Pathology Resident

Thomas Westermann
Anatomic Pathology Resident

Timothy Wu
Timothy Wu
Anatomic Pathology Resident


Graduate Students




Danysh Abetov Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology Alexander Nikitin
Adriana Alexander Molecular & Integrative Physiology Paula Cohen, Charles Danko
Luye An Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology Andrew White
Jordana Bloom Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology John Schimenti
Timothy Dinh University of North Carolina Praveen Sethupathy
Irma Fernandez Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology Hening Lin, Bob Weiss
Adam Francisco Molecular & Integrative Physiology Praveen Sethupathy
Blaine Harlan Genetics, Genomics & Development Paul Soloway
Marlena Holter Comparative Biomedical Sciences Bethany Cummings
Dah Ihm Kim Comparative Biomedical Sciences Andrew White
Seoyeon Lee Department of Nutritional Sciences Paul Soloway
Wilfred Leung Comparative Biomedical Sciences Kristy Richards
Amanda Loehr Comparative Biomedical Sciences Bob Weiss
Jeff Pea Molecular & Integrative Physiology Paula Cohen
Catalina Pereira Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology Bob Weiss
Timothy Robinette Comparative Biomedical Sciences Paul Soloway
Ian Rose Genetics, Genomics & Development Alex Nikitin
Roman Spektor Genetics, Genomics & Development Paul Soloway
Amanda Touey Genetics, Genomics & Development Cohen Lab
Tina Tran Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology

John Schimenti

Jonathan Villanueva Comparative Biomedical Sciences Praveen Sethupathy
Dania Villarnovo Comparative Biomedical Sciences Kristy Richards
Michelle White Comparative Biomedical Sciences Adam Boyko
Marquita Winters Genetics, Genomics & Development John Schimenti
Robert Yamulla Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology John Schimenti
Jennifer Yordy Zoology & Wildlife Conservation Adam Boyko

Administrative Staff

Amy Pellegrino, Administrative Manager

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