Infection and Immunity


Faculty Research Area(s)

Hector Aguilar-Carreno

Entry, egress, and interactions of enveloped viruses with host cells, with emphasis on emerging paramyxoviruses, vaccine and antiviral strategies

Douglas Antczak
Immunity/host; pregnancy immunology; immunogenetics; equine immunology

Avery August
Immunity/host; regulation of T-cell activation, development and function; T-cell differentiation; mast cell function and eosinophil function - lab

Philippe Baneux

Encephalitozoon cuniculi; laboratory animal medicine, science and management; animal models of human disease including non-human primates; safety sciences (preclinical toxicology; GLP; GCP)

Ilana Brito

Pioneering new methods to detect horizontal gene transfer in natural microbial communities to understand the rate and triggers of horizontal gene transfer; the impact of human microbiome diversity on world global health issues - lab

Nicolas Buchon
Host/microbe relationships and control of intestinal stem cell behavior in homeostasis and disease - lab

Margaret Bynoe
Immunity/host; cellular and molecular medicine; infectious diseases; molecular basis of antigen-induced immune suppression; modulation of innate immune system response in immunity against cancer

Pamela Chang
Immunity/host; host/microbe interactions; gut microbiome - lab

Soon Hon Cheong

Cellular and molecular medicine; developmental and reproductive biology; infectious diseases; population medicine and epidemiology; structural and functional biology - lab

Kevin Cummings

Application of epidemiologic approaches to investigate the ecology and transmission of Salmonella and other foodborne pathogens among a wide variety of hosts

David Holowka
Immunity/host; IgE and T-cell antigen receptors; fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy - lab

Toshi Kawate
Structures and mechanisms of membrane proteins that regulate extracellular signaling - lab

Kathleen Kelly

Pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease; effects of inflammation on cardiac function; comparative pathology - lab

Dr. Gary Korezky
Gary Koretzky

Aims to better understand the signal transduction events that occur following engagement of the T cell antigen receptor; study more globally the molecular events important for immune cell development, differentiation and function

Brian Lazzaro
Virology; Feline Calicivirus; mammalian orthoreoviruses; virus-host interactions; effect of viral infection on host cell translation; use of viruses for treatment of cancer; virus entry; broadly neutralizing antibodies - lab

Cynthia Leifer
Immunity/host; understanding innate immunity from the receptors that detect microbes to how innate immune cells react to changes in their environment during inflammatory processes - lab

Mary Martin

Laboratory animal medicine, specifically the development of animal models to study mechanisms of disease; special interest in zoonotic diseases and pain management

Saurabh Mehta
Global health (active research projects in India, East Africa, and Latin America); infectious disease epidemiology, particularly HIV, Tuberculosis, and neglected tropical diseases; nutritional interventions and nutritional modulation of the immune response - lab

Ankur Singh

Immune-engineering; cancer engineering; lymphoma and hematological malignancies; biomaterials; vaccine and immunotherapy; stem cell engineering; inflammation; micro-nano-bioengineering; cell mechanobiology - lab


Faculty Research Area(s)

Craig Altier
Infection/agent; molecular basis of Salmonella pathogenesis; the genetic and environmental control of epithelial cell invasion

Gary Blissard
Infection/agent; regulation of cell death in development and cancer - lab

Dwight Bowman
Infection/agent; nematode and protozoan biology; taxonomy; systemic biology

Elizabeth Buckles
Infection/agent; virology; population medicine; infectious diseases; disease diagnosis; wildlife disease; conservation biology; pathology; avian diseases

James W. Casey
Infection/agent; molecular virology; retrovirology

Joshua Chappie

Structural biology; biophysics; protein biochemistry; bacterial pathogenesis and defense systems; infection/agent; intracellular trafficking; nucleotide-driven molecular machines; molecular membrane remodeling; protein-nucleic acid interactions

Theodore Clark
Infection/agent; cutaneous immunity; host-parasite interaction; DNA vaccines; genetic factors underlying resistance to infectious disease

Ruth Collins
Infection/agent; pharmacology; cancer cell biology; small GTPase regulation of intracellular traffic and cellular growth control - lab

Gerald E. Duhamel
Infection/agent; mechanisms of infectious diseases with particular emphasis on molecular mechanisms of bacterial infections in animal models of human diseases; host-pathogen relationships

Julia Finkelstein

Role of micronutrients, infectious diseases and inflammation in perinatal health in resource-limited settings, with emphasis on HIV/AIDS and neglected tropical diseases in Latin America and South Asia

Hélène Marquis
Infection/agent; pathogenesis of Listeria monocytogenes; mechanisms of regulation of specific virulence factors; signaling during bacterial cell-to-cell spread

David Russell
Infection/agent; the biology of intracellular infection with emphasis on mycobacteria

Kenneth Simpson
Host pathogen interactions in inflammatory bowel disease and Helicobacter infection of the gastrointestinal - lab

Holger Sondermann
Infection/agent; structural biology; cell signaling; biochemistry; biophysics - lab

Gary R. Whittaker

Pathogenesis of influenza viruses, coronaviruses and arenaviruses; host range and receptors; activation of membrane fusion; macrophage- and neuro-tropism; anti-viral therapeutics; diagnostic tests; virus-bacteria co-infections - lab

Martin Wiedmann
Infection/agent; molecular pathogenesis of food-borne and zoonotic bacterial diseases


Faculty Research Area(s)

Rodman Getchell
Molecular diagnostics and emerging diseases of fish; target animal safety studies for new aquaculture therapeutants and chemicals

Laura Goodman

Population and clinical studies; Pathogen discovery and surveillance, with focus areas on tick-borne disease and antimicrobial resistance; exploring the underlying mechanisms of infectious disease emergence and identifying biomarkers to detect and prevent emerging threats to humans and animals

Yrjö Gröhn
Population and clinical studies; veterinary epidemiology; production medicine; public health; epidemiological and economic methods; risk analysis, communication and policy

Hussni Mohammed
Population and clinical studies; epidemiology of infectious diseases; quantitative and analytical epidemiology; epidemiological risk assessment and analysis; veterinary public health and food safety; production medicine

Daryl V. Nydam
Population and clinical studies; epidemiology of food security/safety issues related to dairy production medicine; study of economically important infectious diseases, particularly zoonoses; subclinical diseases of perapaturient cattle and reproductive efficacy

Lorin Warnick
Population and clinical studies; dairy cattle epidemiology; pre-harvest food safety; Salmonellosis in cattle; infectious disease

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