STAT Testing Policy

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A new STAT Testing Policy goes into effect on August 1, 2019. Please pay special attention to the new STAT fee and submission requirements.
STAT fee during regular business hours: $70 per test or panel in sections other than Clinical Pathology. The Clinical Pathology STAT fee is $50.  

Please visit the STAT Policy page for a complete list of tests that can be submitted with STAT priority.
Please call the main lab number (607) 253-3900 in advance if results are needed on a weekend, holiday, or when the lab is normally closed to check availability and determine additional fees.

How to submit for STAT testing:

Follow the requirements below to ensure prompt turnaround time on STAT submissions.

  1. Write "STAT" clearly on the submission form. For hand-delivered STAT samples, it is helpful to also verbally notify the technician at the Receiving window that testing is STAT priority.
  2. Both the sample and test request(s) must be received by 11:30am EST on the day of testing.*
  3. For shipped STAT samples, write large "Xs" in black marker on all sides of the shipping box.
  4. For shipped samples, email before 7am EST with the tracking number. In the body of the email please write the test name, patient information and your account number or attach a copy of the submission form to your email.  

*Cortisol and canine progesterone Immulite tests must be requested STAT if samples arrive after 2pm EST. No STAT request is necessary if these samples arrive prior to 2pm EST.

If one or more of the above requirements are not met, AHDC will contact the submitting veterinarian to determine whether to proceed with STAT testing. In this situation, additional fees will apply.

Clinical Pathology requires the above policy be followed for STAT cytologies only. For other STAT testing in clinical pathology no advance notice is required.

STAT testing is not available in Comparative Coagulation because results are provided ASAP on the day of sample arrival for most tests in this section. Testing run on a specified weekday in Comparative Coagulation is also not eligible for STAT priority.