Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Our faculty and their research areas
Faculty Research Area(s)
Pic of Carolyn Adler
Carolyn Adler
Stem cell biology in planarian flatworms; organ regeneration; transcriptional and cell biological responses to tissue injuries; animal behavior - lab
Pic of Hector Aguilar-Carreno
Hector Aguilar-Carreno

Entry, egress, and interactions of enveloped viruses with host cells, with emphasis on emerging paramyxoviruses, vaccine and antiviral strategies -  lab

Pic of Barbara A. Baird
Barbara A. Baird
Structures and molecular mechanisms of cell surface immunoreceptors - lab
Pic of Joshua Chappie
Joshua Chappie

Structural biology; biophysics; protein biochemistry; bacterial pathogenesis and defense systems; infection/agent; intracellular trafficking; nucleotide-driven molecular machines; molecular membrane remodeling; protein-nucleic acid interactions

Pic of Soon Hon Cheong
Soon Hon Cheong

Cellular and molecular medicine; developmental and reproductive biology; infectious diseases; population medicine and epidemiology; structural and functional biology - lab
Pic of Theodore Clark
Theodore Clark
Cutaneous immunity; host-parasite interaction; DNA vaccines; genetic factors underlying resistance to infectious disease
Pic of Paula Cohen
Paula E. Cohen
Etiology of spontaneous birth defects in mammals; mechanisms of meiotic recombination; DNA repair proteins in meiosis and recombination; germ cell development; ovarian development - lab
Pic of Ruth Collins
Ruth Collins
Pharmacology; cancer cell biology; small GTPase regulation of intracellular traffic and cellular growth control - lab
Pic of Robin Dando
Robin Dando
Taste and sensory science, the biology of how we perceive foods, obesity and metabolic diseases – lab

Pic of Michelle Delco
Michelle Delco

Investigating mitochondria as a link between cartilage trauma and osteoarthritis to understand how joint injury leads to arthritis in horses and humans
Pic of Maria Garcia-Garcia
Maria Garcia-Garcia
Developmental biology in mice and flies; genetics of developmental mechanisms that influence embryonic morphology - lab
Pic of Kei Hayashi
Kei Hayashi
Pathology of ligament/tendon injury and wound healing; evaluation of total joint replacement systems; molecular profiling of osteoarthritis; comparative orthopedics and sports medicine
Pic of David Holowka
David Holowka
IgE and T-cell antigen receptors; fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy - lab
Pic of Kelly Hume
Kelly Hume 

Cancer biology; veterinary oncology; clinical oncology; molecular oncology; DNA damage; chemosensitivity and novel therapeutics

Pic of Toshi Kawate
Toshi Kawate
Structures and mechanisms of membrane proteins that regulate extracellular signaling - lab
Pic of Kathleen KellyKathleen Kelly

Pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease; effects of inflammation on cardiac function; comparative pathology - lab

Pic of Gary Koretzky
Gary Koretzky

Aims to better understand the signal transduction events that occur following engagement of the T cell antigen receptor; study more globally the molecular events important for immune cell development, differentiation and function
Pic of Natasza Kurpios Natasza Kurpios Tissue morphogenesis; cell shape and architecture; organ development; gut morphogenesis; mammary gland biology; breast cancer - lab
Pic of Cynthia Leifer
Cynthia Leifer
Understanding innate immunity from the receptors that detect microbes to how innate immune cells react to changes in their environment during inflammatory processes - lab
Pic of David Lin
David Lin
Axon guidance; neurodevelopment; epilepsy; autism; genomics - lab
Pic of Hening Lin
Hening Lin
Protein post-translational modifications with a focus on nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) dependent modifications and diphthamide - lab
Pic of Maurine Linder
Maurine Linder
Regulation of cell signaling by protein lipidation
Pic of Angela McCleary-Wheeler
Angela McCleary-Wheeler

Companion animal models of cancer; hedgehog signaling; epigenetics; novel therapeutics

Pic of Shu-Bing Qian
Shu-Bing Qian
Translational control of gene expression; signaling pathways in stress response; protein quality control in metabolic diseases - lab
Pic of Carolyn Sevier
Carolyn Sevier
Signaling of cellular oxidative stress; molecular mechanisms used by cellular pathways that sense and signal redox imbalances within the cell - lab
Pic of Ankur Singh
Ankur Singh

Immune-engineering; cancer engineering; lymphoma and hematological malignancies; biomaterials; vaccine and immunotherapy; stem cell engineering; inflammation; micro-nano-bioengineering; cell mechanobiology - lab

Pic of Paul Soloway
Paul Soloway
Epigenetic regulatory mechanisms in mammals; Chromatin changes associated with neuropathy using single cell analyses - lab
Pic of Holger Sondermann
Holger Sondermann
Structural biology; cell signaling; biochemistry; biophysics - lab
Pic of Anna Thalacker-Mercer
Anna Thalacker-Mercer

Skeletal muscle metabolic and inflammatory dysfunction; muscle atrophy and hypertrophy in aging and disease; dynamics among amino acids, metabolites, and inflammation in the development of metabolic disease and sarcopenia - lab

Pic of Alexander J. TravisAlexander J. Travis Comparative biology of male germ cells; signaling and metabolism of sperm during capacitation; organization of lipid raft membrane sub-domains in sperm; applications of technologies using reproductive stem cells for wildlife conservation - lab
Pic of Gary R. Whittaker
Gary R. Whittaker
Role of nuclear import and export in influenza virus infection - lab
Pic of Andrew Yen
Andrew Yen
Leukemia; cell growth and differentiation; oncogenes/genetics - lab