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Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Faculty Research Area(s)

Carolyn Adler

Stem cell biology in planarian flatworms; organ regeneration; transcriptional and cell biological responses to tissue injuries; animal behavior - lab

Hector Aguilar-Carreno

Entry, egress, and interactions of enveloped viruses with host cells, with emphasis on emerging paramyxoviruses, vaccine and antiviral strategies

Barbara A. Baird
Structures and molecular mechanisms of cell surface immunoreceptors - lab

Nicolas Buchon
Host/microbe relationships and control of intestinal stem cell behavior in homeostasis and disease - lab

Joshua Chappie

Structural biology; biophysics; protein biochemistry; bacterial pathogenesis and defense systems; infection/agent; intracellular trafficking; nucleotide-driven molecular machines; molecular membrane remodeling; protein-nucleic acid interactions

Soon Hon Cheong

Cellular and molecular medicine; developmental and reproductive biology; infectious diseases; population medicine and epidemiology; structural and functional biology - lab

Theodore Clark
Cutaneous immunity; host-parasite interaction; DNA vaccines; genetic factors underlying resistance to infectious disease

Paula E. Cohen
Etiology of spontaneous birth defects in mammals; mechanisms of meiotic recombination; DNA repair proteins in meiosis and recombination; germ cell development; ovarian development - lab

Ruth Collins
Pharmacology; cancer cell biology; small GTPase regulation of intracellular traffic and cellular growth control - lab

Bethany Cummings
Use of mouse modeling, molecular biology, biochemistry and genomics approaches to understand the molecular underpinnings of cardiometabolic and gastrointestinal disease - lab

Charles Danko
Medical genetics and genomics and cancer biology research

Matthew DeLisa
Molecular biotechnology; protein biogenesis and folding pathways; protein engineering - lab

Tobias Doerr
Cell envelope biology of Gram-negative pathogens; antibiotic resistance; tolerance and mechanism of action; microbial stress responses - lab

Maria Julia Bevilaqua Felippe
Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in B cell response; neonatal immunology and response to vaccination; immunomodulation using biologic response modifiers; cancer immunotherapy; characterization of primary and secondary immunodeficiencies - lab

Maria Garcia-Garcia
Developmental biology in mice and flies; genetics of developmental mechanisms that influence embryonic morphology - lab

Kei Hayashi
Arthroscopy, total joint arthroplasty, biological approach to joint surgery, minimally invasive fracture treatment, and application of novel research discoveries (such as stem cell and regenerative medicine technologies) to clinical patients

Gunther Hollopeter

Molecular mechanisms of membrane trafficking in multicellular systems, in vivo imaging and CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering in C. elegans, protein biochemistry and structural biology of clathrin adaptor complexes - lab

David Holowka
IgE and T-cell antigen receptors; fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy - lab

Fenghua Hu
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of neurodegeneration - lab

Kelly Hume 

Cancer biology; veterinary oncology; clinical oncology; molecular oncology; DNA damage; chemosensitivity and novel therapeutics

Toshi Kawate
Structures and mechanisms of membrane proteins that regulate extracellular signaling - lab

Kathleen Kelly

Pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease; effects of inflammation on cardiac function; comparative pathology - lab

Natasza Kurpios
Tissue morphogenesis; cell shape and architecture; organ development; gut morphogenesis; mammary gland biology; breast cancer - lab

Jan Lammerding
Cellular biomechanics; mechanotransduction; cell migration; muscular dystrophy and cancer cell biology - lab

Cynthia Leifer
Understanding innate immunity from the receptors that detect microbes to how innate immune cells react to changes in their environment during inflammatory processes - lab

David Lin
Axon guidance; neurodevelopment; epilepsy; autism; genomics - lab

Hening Lin
Protein post-translational modifications with a focus on nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) dependent modifications and diphthamide - lab

Maurine Linder
Regulation of cell signaling by protein lipidation

Sabine Mann
Metabolic diseases and insulin signaling; nutrition; epidemiology; metabolic and nutritional immunology

Angela McCleary-Wheeler

Companion animal models of cancer; hedgehog signaling; epigenetics; novel therapeutics

Shu-Bing Qian
Translational control of gene expression; signaling pathways in stress response; protein quality control in metabolic diseases

Heidi Reesink
Comparative and translational orthopedics; metabolism and musculoskeletal disease; osteoarthritis; regenerative medicine

Kristy Richards

Immuno-oncology; monoclonal antibodies; genetic mechanisms of resistance; personalized medicine; comparative oncogenomics; novel therapeutic development

Luis Schang
Role of cellular protein, lipids, and glycans play in viral infection

Carolyn Sevier
Signaling of cellular oxidative stress; molecular mechanisms used by cellular pathways that sense and signal redox imbalances within the cell - lab

Ankur Singh

Immune-engineering; cancer engineering; lymphoma and hematological malignancies; biomaterials; vaccine and immunotherapy; stem cell engineering; inflammation; micro-nano-bioengineering; cell mechanobiology - lab

Paul Soloway
Epigenetic regulatory mechanisms in mammals; Chromatin changes associated with neuropathy using single cell analyses - lab

Holger Sondermann
Structural biology; cell signaling; biochemistry; biophysics - lab

Jeongmin Song
Bacterial toxins; Salmonella Typhi; bacterial pathogenesis - lab

Anna Thalacker-Mercer

Skeletal muscle metabolic and inflammatory dysfunction; muscle atrophy and hypertrophy in aging and disease; dynamics among amino acids, metabolites, and inflammation in the development of metabolic disease and sarcopenia - lab

Alexander J. Travis
Comparative biology of male germ cells; signaling and metabolism of sperm during capacitation; organization of lipid raft membrane sub-domains in sperm; applications of technologies using reproductive stem cells for wildlife conservation - lab

Robert Weiss
Molecular mechanisms for the maintenance of genomic stability; cellular responses to DNA damage; mouse models of human cancer - lab

Andrew C. White
Cancer biology; stem cell biology; biochemistry and cell biology - lab

Gary R. Whittaker
Role of nuclear import and export in influenza virus infection - lab

Mariana Wolfner
Molecular and genetic mechanisms of reproductive processes, specifically functions and evolution of seminal proteins and (separately) mechanisms of egg activation and early embryogenesls - lab

Andrew Yen
Leukemia; cell growth and differentiation; oncogenes/genetics - lab

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