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Turnaround for Molecular Testing

Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory is providing faster turnaround. Results for most PCR tests are now reported 1 or 2 business days after sample and test request are received. Same day results remain available for samples and test requests received by noon for an additional STAT fee of $50.00/test.

Turnaround times for Johne's fecal testing and the genetic tests for PHPT, CSS and SPAID did not change.

STAT Testing
To ensure that STAT samples that arrive before noon are reported by the end of the day, you must:

  • Write "STAT" clearly on the submission form;
  • Label "STAT" in large red font on all sides of the shipping box; and
  • Email with the tracking number of the package and your submission form.

Samples received after 12 noon will be processed the next business day with results available at the end of that day. Please contact the lab at (607) 253-3900 if results are needed on a weekend, holiday, or when the lab is normally closed, to check availability and to determine the additional fees to be applied.